Clean Wall Technology

The COVERPLUG™ completely covers outlets to seamlessly hide unused electrical sockets from view and create a clean looking wall.
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Seamless Integration

Easy to install & remove for increased flexibility in a room. Made of a durable, paintable plastic to blend in perfectly with walls.
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Public Safety

Protect curious children from harm and create a safe environment for your customers by covering wall outlets with the COVERPLUG™.
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COVERPLUG™ Clean Wall Technology

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New construction typically requires the installation of outlets every 6 feet whether they are needed or not. The COVERPLUG™ makes your unused outlets virtually disappear providing a safe and elegant barrier.
To create a seamless wall we have made the COVERPLUG™ completely paintable. Our specially designed durable plastic easily bonds with paint to create a true to color surface that does not flake or chip.
The COVERPLUG™ is very useful for businesses that prefer clean looking and seamless walls. These include restaurants, retail establishments, banks, commercial builders, art galleries and more. The degree of safety the COVERPLUG™ provides is imperative for buildings such as hospitals, schools, and offices.

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