Multifamily Buildings in NYC Now Required to Maintain Electrical Outlet Safety

On May 6th, 2015 a new electrical safety law was signed by Mayor BeBlasio. The law requires the owner of a multiple dwelling to install and maintain electrical safety devices in public areas. Building owners can have tamper-resistant receptacles installed, or a quicker and easier option is to purchase and install the COVERPLUG™ which is a protective cover.

The new law reads as follows:

§ 27-2046.3 Safety devices for certain electrical outlets required. a. The owner of a multiple dwelling shall install and maintain protective caps, covers or other safety devices over electrical outlets in the public parts of such multiple dwelling, except that (1) such devices shall not be required in public parts used exclusively for mechanical equipment or storage purposes, and (2) such devices shall not be required for electrical outlets that are listed tamper-resistant receptacles in accordance with the New York city electrical code. b. An owner who fails to install or maintain protective caps, covers or other safety devices in accordance with this section shall be liable for a class A violation. View the full version here.

The COVERPLUG™ is a quick and easy option for compliance to this New York City law. In addition to being convenient, affordable and safe, the COVERPLUG™ can be painted to improve the look and feel of public spaces. The COVERPLUG completely covers standard grounded wall outlets to created seamless walls that will be fully compliant with this new law.

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